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Thanks for your interest in joining the Bay Area Jeep Association. Please review the bylaws by clicking “I agree” in the form below. If you have any questions concerning memberships, please contact Andrea at

BY-LAWS OF Bay Area Jeep Association




Section 1. Club Purpose

Bay Area Jeep Association, Inc is a family-oriented club for off-road and Jeep enthusiasts. BAJA is a family-oriented club committed to safe, responsible off-roading!


Section 1. Eligibility for Membership

Before joining the club, all prospective members are encouraged to attend at least 1 club ride, event, or get-together to get to know the other members. Though this isn’t a requirement, it’s recommended.

Applicants must be 18 years of age.

Membership privileges are for paying members only.

Any member who operates a motor vehicle at a club function must possess a valid driver’s license and carry insurance on said vehicle which satisfies the minimum legal requirements in the state for which the vehicle is registered in, also must have a liability waiver on file. All members that bring a guest to any sponsored BAJA event must make sure that their guest has a waiver on file.

BAJA will not be held responsible for injuries to a member, guest and/or prospective member.

BAJA will not be held responsible for damage or loss to any vehicle or personal property at any event, meeting, or trail ride. Participation in any BAJA event is voluntary and is solely at the risk of those who choose to participate.

Section 2. Annual Dues and Funds

Membership to BAJA requires you to be actively involved in Jeep Life and BAJA events.

Section 3. Conduct and Activity Rules

All club members must conduct themselves in a manner which is consistent with our standards and ideals. Any member who does not conduct themselves appropriately may be subject to disciplinary action up to, and including dismissal from the club. If a club member is dismissed for any reason, they forfeit all member privileges and any dues/fees/monies paid to the club.

Members are held accountable for the actions of their guests.

Any member whom possesses a firearm during any club activity does so at their own risk and liability. Any member who chooses to carry a weapon should do so safely and discreetly. The member must also follow all Local, State and Federal laws regarding the carry and use of such weapon.

Section 4. Trail Rides and Rules

Trail Guides and/or Club Directors are in charge of all official club rides and have ultimate authority for all rides and scheduled club events.

Any drivers on an official trail ride must sign a waiver of liability prior to participating in an event.

All members participating in Club sanctioned trail rides must have a handheld or vehicle mounted GMRS or CB radio.

No vehicle trail blazing, we strive to tread lightly.

Pets must be controlled by owner.

Do not litter! If you haul it in, haul it out!

Section 5. Alcohol, Drugs, and Other Intoxicating Substances

Operating a vehicle while consuming or under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicating substances will not be permitted on trail rides or any club sponsored events. In addition, drivers are to obey all posted park-specific and state/federal specific rules and laws regarding alcohol/drug consumption.

Open alcohol containers are prohibited in a moving vehicle at an aforementioned event

Drivers are fully responsible for the actions of their passengers

Section 6. Vehicle Equipment

Vehicles must be maintained in a safe manner, have proper license plates if applicable, and be in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws.

Fire extinguishers, first aid kit, and a proper tow strap are highly recommended standard gear for every vehicle.

A Roll Cage or factory unitized Roll Protection structure as well as a safety belt for every passenger is required on every vehicle. No Exceptions.

A spare tire within two inches of the diameter of the vehicle tires is recommended for every vehicle on a trail ride.

When operating an OHV (3-wheeler, 4-wheeler etc.), the operator and passenger must be in compliance with all Federal, State, and local laws regarding helmets, eye protection, and other safety equipment.

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